Learn how we helped our Clients during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Commercial Testing Platform

Streamlining COVID Testing: A Clinical Lab’s Success Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, the owners of a 20-year-old clinical lab faced a daunting challenge.

They needed to quickly ramp up their testing capabilities to meet the soaring demand for COVID tests while still managing their commercial testing business.

Like many understaffed testing labs, they faced serious operational hurdles, like manual ordering processes, limited billing and insurance options, and manual reporting to state agencies.

To make matters worse, the lab’s staff suffered from overwhelm and fatigue.

Fortunately, the lab’s owners contacted Add Your Labs before the situation got worse.

After carefully assessing the client’s challenges, needs, and strategic objectives, we built a fully-integrated commercial Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that reduced friction and stress for everyone involved.

The platform automated client ordering, billing, insurance, payment, and reporting, making it easier for the lab to manage its commercial testing business.

In addition, the system we built provided seamless client integration, making it easy for people to place orders and access test results. We also deployed a LIMS system to manage the automated COVID-19 testing workflows, making life easier for the lab’s owners and staff.

With their new platform, the lab could streamline operations and manage the increased testing volume relatively easily. It also reduced costly errors by automating client ordering, billing, insurance, payment, and reporting.

The new LIMS system made it a breeze for the lab to manage end-to-end sample processing, and reporting, which ensured more accurate results.

Furthermore, the automated systems we built allowed for higher throughput at a lower cost, making fast and affordable testing a reality for the lab’s patients and customers.

Customer Connectivity

How a Custom LIMS Platform Boosted Customer Connectivity

A small clinical lab was struggling to keep up with the demands of its fast-growing business.

After trying 5 different Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), they couldn’t find a reliable solution to streamline their testing process while maintaining data integrity.

That’s when they contacted the Add Your Labs software development team.

We carefully listened to their needs, then designed, developed, and deployed a custom-built LIMS, which allowed the lab to integrate directly with key clients successfully.

The robust custom application we developed helped them achieve their commercial objectives, and the direct client integrations enhanced the speed and efficiency of test processing.

Overall, the lab’s owners were happy they partnered with Add Your Labs to find a solution that met their specific needs and helped them take their business to the next level!

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