Innovative and Advanced Software Solutions for Clinical Labs and Diagnostic Labs

At Add Your Labs, we specialize in providing top-tier laboratory management software tailored for both clinical labs and diagnostic labs. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate improvements in efficiency.

Different options to match your needs!

Understanding the unique challenges faced by clinical labs and diagnostic labs, we offer a diverse range of solutions to cater to your specific laboratory management software and LIMS software needs. Whether you’re looking for a client interface, a comprehensive lab information management system, or a custom order management solution, Add Your Labs has got you covered.

Integrated Software Applications

Our software applications are meticulously crafted to function both individually or in tandem, providing you with the flexibility to choose what best fits your lab’s requirements.

Streamlined Order Processing

Experience the ease of standard or custom order processing. Our solutions encompass everything from sample collection appointment scheduling to education modules like telehealth. We also offer features for sample collection, inbound sample shipping, and tracking, ensuring that every step of the process is accounted for and optimized.

Below are some of the solutions that we offer:




ADx Lab Client Interface & Test Order Management

  • Online presence and engagement

  • Easily connect with your clients

  • Management & engagement tools – provide your clients and stakeholders an easy and secure location to interact with their orders and your lab in a HIPAA compliant environment seamlessly

  • Physician & patient portal

  • Organization management & portal

  • Comprehensive online inbound lab test order management, fulfillment, & tracking

  • Complete shipping carrier integration (e.g., order & label generation, tracking)

  • Standard or Custom order processing, including, sample collection appointment and/or education (e.g., scheduling, telehealth, sample collection, inbound sample shipping & tracking)

ADx Lab Information Management Software

  • Sample accessioning, sample and data management and tracking

  • Flexible lab test and sample inventory management

  • Worksheet set up and management

  • Instrument and 3rd party software integrations

  • Data integration, transfer/sharing, & reporting

  • Works independently of or fully integrated with the Add Your Labs’ ADx software

ADx Lab Custom Software for Clinical Labs

  • Every lab has unique workflows

  • Build your own custom software solution affordably

  • Never build lab workflows around software. Add Your Labs software is built around your needs.

  • HIPAA compliant, cloud-based solutions enabling efficient handling of lab operations, patients, and B2B relationships, all from a single platform

  • Streamline your entire lab with

    • Custom workflows
    • Configurable report formats
    • Real-time information tracking
    • Digital report delivery
    • Automated communications
  • Every lab has unique workflows

  • Build your own custom software solution affordably

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