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Enhanced Laboratory Client Engagement Software Solutions

In the modern healthcare ecosystem, the relationship between labs and their clients is paramount. With the rise of digital health technologies, it’s essential for labs to offer an unparalleled Laboratory Client experience. Add Your Labs brings you the forefront of Lab Client Management and Lab Order Management solutions.

Lab Client Management Matters

The bond between a lab and its clients goes beyond just test results. In today’s competitive environment, labs need to prioritize their Lab Client relationships, ensuring seamless interactions, timely updates, and efficient order management. Our solutions are designed to foster these relationships, ensuring your lab stands out.

Introducing Our Lab Client Management & Lab Order Management Solutions

Stay ahead of the curve with Add Your Labs. Our comprehensive Lab Order Management system is designed to streamline your operations, reduce manual tasks, and enhance the Laboratory Client experience.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Lab Client Interface and Engagement_

Customer Engagement Software for Clinical Labs and Diagnostic Labs

Lab Testing Software
  • Intuitive Lab Client Interface: Our software is designed with the Laboratory Client in mind, ensuring easy navigation, quick order placements, and real-time updates.
  • Efficient Lab Order Management: From order placements to result delivery, our system ensures a smooth workflow, reducing turnaround times and enhancing client satisfaction.
  • Customizable Lab Client Management Tools: Tailor our software to meet your lab’s specific needs. Whether it’s custom workflows or specific client interfaces, we’ve got you covered.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Our Customer Engagement Software ensures your Laboratory Clients remain loyal, with tools designed to foster communication, feedback, and continuous improvement.

Empowering Labs with Advanced Client Engagement and Streamlined Order Management

  • Optimized Lab Client Connection for Superior Engagement

    At Add Your Labs, we prioritize the Laboratory Client experience. Our platform ensures a secure, HIPAA-compliant connection between labs and their clients. With our advanced Customer Engagement Software, both healthcare providers and patients can seamlessly interact with lab orders, ensuring a streamlined Lab Client Management process. From placing orders to tracking and receiving results, our system ensures a holistic Laboratory Client experience.

  • Revolutionizing Lab Order Management

    Dive into the future of Lab Order Management with our comprehensive lab information management solution. Designed to align perfectly with clinical workflows, our software digitizes manual processes, offering unparalleled efficiencies. By automating tasks and streamlining workflows, we empower clinical labs to achieve higher productivity levels and adapt to growth seamlessly.

  • Integrated Shipping Solutions for Labs

    Our Lab Client Management system offers complete integration with major shipping carriers. Beyond just order and label generation, we provide real-time tracking capabilities. Plus, with features like sample collection appointment scheduling and telehealth integration, patients can conveniently schedule appointments and engage with healthcare providers from the comfort of their homes.

  • Tailored Laboratory Client Software for Modern Labs

    Every lab is unique, and so are its needs. Add Your Labs understands this and offers customizable clinical laboratory software solutions. Whether you’re looking to enhance Lab Client interactions or optimize backend processes, our software can be molded to fit your specific requirements, ensuring optimal productivity and adaptability to evolving business landscapes.


Does Add Your Labs Offer a Physician and Patient Portal?2023-03-23T07:34:02-04:00

Yes, Add Your Labs offers a physician and patient portal that ensures a seamless user experience. Healthcare providers can easily place and track orders, receive results, and manage patient information.

The ADX Lab Client Interface and Engagement software can be used on its own, with Add Your Labs’ LIMS or your current LIMS. 

Who is Add Your Labs?2023-03-23T07:33:08-04:00

Add Your Labs is an organization that is committed to providing innovative technological advancements specifically designed for medical and diagnostic laboratories.

Our core objective is to enhance the quality of healthcare services by developing and implementing cutting-edge software technologies that offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to medical testing labs.

What is Lab Client Interface and Engagement?2023-03-23T07:31:36-04:00

Lab client interface and engagement refer to the interaction between clinical labs and their clients. It encompasses management and engagement tools that provide clients and stakeholders with an effortless and secure platform to interact with their orders and lab.

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